Experimentation meets automation

Predictive modeling for faster materials development using less energy & resources

Clean Solution to reducing R&D resources 

75% of experiments in R&D materials process developments fail to proceed.

We mitigate these costs using virtual experiments to optimize your R&D. 

Trial & error is the most predominant but resource-intensive method used to advance products at early-stage market readiness. With rising demand of advanced tools that require atomic-level control comes higher margins of error. Optimize energy, time and resources needed to overcome manufacturing hurdles by minimizing guesswork and gain competitive leadership with accelerated materials development. 

Reduce materials and energy consumption with smart experiments.


What We Offer

  • ​Before making the decision to invest in physical experiments, determine its fundamental validity virtually.

  • We aim to deliver a working process in less than half the time 

  • Determine if atomic layer processing (ALP) is right for your innovation pathway.


Phase I (SOR1) (2 - 6 weeks)

  •  Survey

Using our access to vast literature and database, we will compile critical or relevant information for your process.

  •  Calibrate & Customize

Evaluate the specs of your ALP reactor and calibrate with our own.

  •  Verify & Characterize

Ensure our proposed process are valid using our in-house reactors and generate a metrology report.

  •  Strategize

Provide the next critical steps for your R&D.

  •  Troubleshoot


Phase II (SOR2) (2 - 4 weeks)

Necessary if your company decides it is critical to further investigate any challenges that may arise.

  •  Replicate

Specific to the ALD of selected material in customer’s ALD reactor using Synthergy recommended precursor/reactant and process conditions only:

  • Analysis of growth related issue reported by customer

  • identify the cause of this issue

  • Verify & characterize

  •  Resolve

Recommended process solutions for material synthesis on customer ALD reactor.


Phase III (SOR2) (negotiable)

  •  On-site Service

Convenience of your company to quickly establish a working protocol with Synthergy’s experts working on-site with your team. 

  • Collaborate & Finalize

Set up protocols, SOP and adjust parameters according to your equipment:

  • Utilize Phase I Report results

  • Utilize and/or generate Phase II Report results

  • Set up protocols and SOP for equipment and recipes

  • Provide guidance and consultation for equipment setup, including space infrastructure planning

  • Ensure proper ALD-related result

  • Negotiable follow-up services


Materials Library

Our ever-growing materials library. These materials have been previously synthesized or processed with our collaborators and customers for needs ranging from electronics to various coatings applications.


  • AlO (aluminum oxide)

  • CrO (chromium oxide)

  • GaO (gallium oxide)

  • HfO (hafnium oxide)

  • LaO (lanthium oxide)

  • MnO (magnanese oxide)

  • SiO (silicon oxide)

  • SnO (tin oxide)

  • YO (yttrium oxide)

  • ZrO (zirconium oxide)


  • AlN (aluminum nitride)

  • GaN (gallium nitride)

  • HfN (hafnium nitride)

  • ZrN (zirconium nitride)

  • SiN (silicon nitride)


  • Cr (chromium)

  • Pt (platinum)


  • doped ZnO (zinc oxide)

  • Y-stabilized ZrO (zirconium oxide)



  • HfON (hafnium oxynitride)

  • SiON (silicon oxynitride)

  • ZrON (zirconium oxynitride)


Complex oxides

  • HfSiOx (hafnium silicate)

  • LaMnOx (lanthium manganese oxide)

  • ZrSiOx (zirconium silicate)


With a limited budget and a high demand from our collaborators, we began with a simple challenge: could we reduce the number experiments needed until delivery? Unbeknownst to us, by answering this fundamental question, we had stumbled upon a powerful tool for better experimentation strategy, precursor consumption reduction. improved ALD reactor design and much more.


We want expedite the rate of innovation for our clients, customers and eventual users and find solutions to optimizing the manufacturing process.

This can be done by minimizing human input into the decision making process towards the development and eventual production of your product. 


Information is only is good as the data it relies on. Our philosophy is data must be rooted to the fundamentals of nature.

By combining the mathematical models of material process with a developed AI algorithm, we can provide more directed experiments, smarter processing methods and more optimized tool design resulting in greater efficiency in product process lines.


Tel: 1-780-975-5093

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11-230 DICE Building

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Tel: 1-780-975-5093

11-230 DICE

Edmonton, AB

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